Rediscovering the George Foreman Grill


Okay, so we haven’t used this grill in about 7 years or so. It’s a model GR-10 and is still in production. I think that this one is one of the original models since the newer ones look a little different.


This pack of burgers came in a pack of 3 already made into patties. I didn’t think to photo this until I realized just how much fat came out after cooking. Notice that it says 75% lean.


I cut them down to make them thinner and ended up with 6 patties. I put a little Moore’s seasoning on them and that’s it.


The grill is only big enough to cook 2 at a time.


This is what they look like after about 6 minutes on the grill. They are cooked well done.


Look at all of that fat and grease! That is 3/4 cup from 1.29 lbs of beef. Hamburger meat that was already 75% lean. When I saw that, I had to post it on my blog!

In addition to eating less fat, I think that the smaller grill will make me eat smaller portions. Yippie!


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