Another Walmart Rant


So I call out to Walmart in Troy asking if they have DVD cases. I described them and the “associate” quickly advised me that they have them. So I drive from the complete north end of town all the way to the south end of town and when I arrived in the electronics section, DVD cases were no where to be found. I approached an “associate” in electronics that was working behind the counter. He acknowledged my presence without even looking up from his smartphone. I asked him if they had those cases, and he responded that they didn’t. The whole time he kept his gaze on his phone. I told him that I have purchased cases out here for years and asked when they stopped carrying them. The “associate” just shrugged and said it had at least been a couple of years. The kid didn’t look up from his phone not one time during our conversation. Was he even old enough to work two years ago? I digress.


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