Mr. Ho’s: Under New Management

Earlier today I was able to get a to go order of house special fried rice from the new Mr. Ho’s.  I chose this dish because much like a hamburger at an American restaurant, house special or combination fried rice can be a great indicator of the overall quality, style and taste served at a Chinese place.  My first impression after tasting it was that while it is delicious, it is also not unique to the flavors of other Chinese restaurants in the area.  The prior owner of Mr. Ho’s served up the timeless house special fried rice the same way that Mr. Ho himself would have made it but with an addition Indian influence of spiciness and kick that no other establishment can imitate.  This rice could have been bought at any Chinese drive thru around south Alabama.

I was able to glance at the buffet and it looked like the same choices as before.  The menu is different though.  It is the standard red lettered long menu that can be found at most short order Chinese restaurants.  The service was good and the staff seemed friendly so I plan to keep Mr. Ho’s as one of my regular stops when dining out for lunch.  I guess next time I’ll see if the General Tso’s chicken compares to Chinatown’s or if the Hibachi measures up to The Golden Crane.  Until then I will be messaging Vic to see if he will give me that fried rice recipe. Chop Chop.


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